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Our Product

Trailer Models & Standard Specifications

We offer two models: 

Basic & Advanced.

Below you will find the standard features of our units. We offer different packages as well to customize your unit to your specifics. .024 White & Black Metal are the standard colors. You may upgrade to .030, .040, & .050 metal for an additional cost.  All Advanced models now come standard with a 


We ONLY sell to dealers!!

***Side Door NOT included in 4' or 5' Wides******Only Single Swing Rear Door on 4' Wide.

We offer 2- BASIC 4 Wide Units; 4x6SA & 4x8SA. These units have a 48'' Interior Height, 2000lb Axle, Single Rear Swing Door & 13'' Silver Mod Radial Tires. 

We offer 3- BASIC 5 Wide Units; 5x6SA, 5x8SA & 5x10SA. These units have a 60" Interior Height, 2990 Idler axle, Ramp Door & 15" Silver Mod Radial Tires.

5' Wide Advanced Only:

5x6SA, 5x8SA & 5x10SA
60" Interior Height,16" O.C. Floor Crossmembers,16" O.C. Wall Members,24" O.C. Roof Members, All LED Exterior,2- 12V Dome Lights,1''x1 1/2'' Tube Wall Post & Roof Members, Rounded V Nose,Thermo Ply Ceiling,Silver Mod Radial Tires, Dexter Axles,Chrome Center Lug Covers,3/8" Plywood Trim.

 BASIC ​(6 & 7 Wides)
72'' (6') Interior Height, 24'' O.C. Floors, 24'' O.C. Walls, ​24'' O.C. Roof, TA 16'' O.C. Floor,Strip LED Tail Lights, 1- 12 Volt Dome Light, 1''x1 1/2'' Tube Wall Post & Roof Members, 32'' Side Door W/ Bar Lock (NO Flush Lock), Ramp Door, Sharp V-Nose, ​Silver Mod Radial Wheels, 3/8'' Plywood Walls, 3/4'' Plywood Floors, Screwed Metal Exterior, ​Non Powered Roof Vent, Galvalume Roof, ​Sure Trac Axles

 ADVANCED ​(6 & 7 Wides)

75'' (6'3'') Interior Height, 16'' O.C. Floors, 16'' O.C. Walls, ​24'' O.C. Roofs, All LED Exterior, 2- 12 Volt Dome Lights, ​1''x1 1/2'' Tube Wall Post & Roof Members, 32'' RV Style Side Door W/ Flush Luck, Ramp Door W/ Flap, ​Rounded V-Nose, Silver Mod Radial Wheels, Chrome Center Lug Covers, 3/8'' Plywood Walls, Thermo Ply Ceiling, 3/8'' Plywood Trim, 3/4'' Plywood Floors, Screwed Metal Exterior, ​Non Powered Roof Vent, Galvalume Roof, ​Dexter Axles

We Offer The Following Sizes in Advanced Car Haulers ONLY:

​All  ADVANCED Car Haulers Are Standard w/ Ramp Door & LED Exterior
8.5x12TA- 3500 LB Spring Axles

8.5x16TA- 3500 LB Spring Axles

8.5x18TA- 3500 LB Spring Axles

8.5x20TA- 3500 LB Spring Axles

8.5x22TA- 3500 LB Spring Axles

8.5x24TA- 3500 LB Spring Axles

8.5x26TA3- 5200 LB Spring Axles

8.5x28TA3- 5200 LB Spring Axles

8.5x30TA3- 5200 LB Spring Axles

8.5x32TA3- 5200 LB Spring Axles

Standard Features Include:
2x6 Tube Main Frame 11 Gauge 8.5x12TA to 8.5x28TA3
8'' I Beam- 8.5x30TA3 to 8.5x32TA3
36'' RV Style Side Door W/ Flush Lock & Stepwell
Rounded V-Nose W/ ATP Vertical Trim
Heavy Duty Rear Ramp Door W/ Spring Assists & Flap
24'' Stoneguard on Front
White or Black Exterior Metal- .024
4 Floor D-Rings 

3/4'' Plywood Floors
3/8'' Plywood Walls
Thermo Ply Ceiling
3/8'' Plywood Trim
Dexter Axles

78'' (6'6'') Interior Height
Triple Tube Tongue
2- 12 Volt Dome Lights
Non Powered Roof Vent
All LED Exterior
16'' O.C. Wall & Floor Members
24'' O.C. Roof Members
Screwed Metal Exterior
1''x1 1/2'' Tube Wall Post & Roof Members
7 Way Round Electrical Plug

2 5/16'' Coupler
All 4 Corners Anodized OR Aluminum Tread Plate
19 Marker LED Lights Total Including Amber & Red

Silver Mod Radial Wheels W/ Chrome Center Lug Covers
​One Piece Aluminum Roof

We Offer 6 Basic Car Haulers:




Standard Features Include:  
78'' Interior Height
3500 LB. Spring Axles

16'' O.C. Floors
16'' O. C. Walls
Incandescent Lights

1- 12 Volt Dome Light
1''x1 1/2'' Tube Wall Post & Roof Members
36'' Side Door W/ Bar Lock 
24'' Stoneguard on Front
Plastic Flow Thru Vents
4 Floor D-Rings
3/4'' Plywood Floors
3/8'' Plywood Walls
Silver Mod Wheels
2000 LB. Tongue Jack

Galvalume Roof
Screwed Metal Exterior

​7 Way Round Plug

2 5/16'' Coupler

​Sure Trac Axles